Driving License

Driving License

If you are eager to explore the city and experience the amazing driving experience, you need to first obtain the Abu dhabi’s driving license. By obtaining your driving license, you will be free to explore the beauty and nature of Abu Dhabi as well as UAE. For those who are very much interested in driving, UAE provides a wide range of opportunities to obtain a driving license.


If you possess home country driving license, then you can go for a Golden chance option in Abu Dhabi. The different types of driving license application includes the following:

Golden Chance

Those are holding the home country driving license which is valid, can apply for a Golden chance in Abu Dhabi. The process includes legal translation of your license, file opening in Abu Dhabi police, theory class, theory exam, stimulation, then the test date and driving license issuance. If you successfully completes the test, then you can easily get your UAE driving license

New Normal application

New Normal application- If you doesn’t have a home country driving license or not eligible to apply for golden chance option, then new normal license application is the option. Here it is a direct application to the Abu Dhabi Police.

Exchange foreign driving license

If you hold European driving or certain eligible country’s driving license, then you are eligible for this option.

GCC Driving license

If you have a driving license from any of the GCC country, then you can apply directly for a test and driving license.

We at Fimkin provides the legal translation and all the guidance for you to obtain the UAE driving license.

The required document includes:

  • Home country driving license (for Golden chance and exchange license applications)

  • Emirates ID copy

  • Photo

  • Visa copy

  • UAE phone number and mail address

If you are a Dubai visa holder, the company’s NOC is required for new normal applicants to get a driving license in Abu Dhabi. Fimkin assists you with all the 7 emirates driving license procedures with utmost care and accurate information.

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