Equivalency Certificate

Equivalency Certificate

Equivalency certification is the process by which, the ministry of education in the UAE attests that a degree that has been awarded by any of the institute outside the UAE, meets the country’s education criteria as well as international academic standards. A candidate, who has completed his/her studies from school/college, which is outside the UAE must present a certificate of Equivalency for some of the professional job categories like Professors, Doctors, Banking staffs etc., and also, candidates those who are looking forward to enroll for higher studies in the UAE should also submit an equivalency certificate. This certificate is very much important for both students and professionals because, it filters out invalid or fake degrees. It is also applicable for those who have a distance or online learning certificate. As per the new UAE law, other than professionals and students, people who are applying for a golden visa should also possess an equivalency certificate from the ministry of education.

The documents required for the equivalency certification

  • The original bachelor’s degree (for equalizing a bachelor’s degree)

  • Transcript of the final year mark sheet

  • High school certificate

  • Secondary school certificate

If you are equalizing a master’s degree, you need to submit

  • The original master’s degree certificate

  • Transcript of the final year mark sheet

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate

  • Transcript of the final year mark sheet for bachelor’s degree

Time duration: Up to 4 to 5 working days (depends)

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