labor card services

labor card services

If you wish to work here in UAE as an employee, you must have a visa. The procedure for obtaining an employment visa is always tedious and requires lots of paper-works. As per the UAE labor law, an employee should hold a labor card before they start working inside the country. But what do you mean by a labor card? Employees those who are working in UAE need to have a labor card which proves that you are an employee working under the mentioned employer. In the card, your profession, employer details, other personal details like nationality, name etc, will be mentioned. The labor card will prove your employment status and your job position.

The labor card is issued by the ministry of human resources and emiratisation (MoHRE) and in case if you are working in a freezone, the relevant freezone authority is responsible for releasing your labor card. The labor card in another words, acts as a labor’s identification. Anyone who is working inside the UAE needs a labor card. And if the employee is in the private or public sectors, they must have a card and an appropriate work permit as well. Say if you are a foreigner or a GCC resident, you must require a labor card to work inside UAE. There are certain criteria you should need to re-check before initiating the labor card procedures, which includes:

  • The applicant must be above 18 years

  • The applicant should have the appropriate academic qualifications for the selected role

  • The academic certificates of the applicant should be attested from both home country and MOFA, UAE

These are some of the major points which a company should keep in mind before starting the labor card process for their employees.

What are the requirements for completing the labor card procedures?

Work permit is very important for an employee to work in UAE. You can get a work permit at the same time you receive the work permit. The employer or the company should have a labor quota before obtaining the work permit for the employees. The employee should sign the labor contract before issuing the labor card. Also, the passport copy and photo, along with the relevant educational documents are also required to get the labor card.

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