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What you mean by Tasheel?

Tas’heel, is an online government system, which covers the full spectrum of Ministry of Labor application processes and related services. The system aims to provide companies as well as individuals with premium Government relationship management solutions. The system provides various transactions or services. For labor card, MoHRE related inquiries and services, Tas’heel is always reliable.

Different services offered in Tas’heel includes

  • Receiving new labor card

  • Mission labor card applications

  • Receive modify or lost labor card applications

  • National new labor card application

  • Sponsor transfer

  • Company employee list service

  • Expired labor card list

  • Inquiries for pending government transaction list

  • For opening new establishment

  • Updating existing establishment

  • Add/modify Owner/PRO

  • E-signature card requests

  • Cancelled Establishment card activation

These are some of the major services offered by Tas’heel

Why choose Fimkin over Tas’heel?

Fimkin provides the best and reliable PRO service in the UAE. Fimkin works together with Tas’heel services and offer a wide support for those applicants who face issues with Labor or other department services. We provide you the accurate updates regarding the applications.

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