tawjeeh services

tawjeeh services

Tawjeeh center is licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) to provide awareness and orientation services to employees and organizations regarding the UAE labor laws and other legal sides for laborers. The word Tawjeeh in arabic means Guidance. So, a Tawjeeh center is like a guidance or solution for business owners and employees looking for a guide about the UAE labor law. As many are travelling to UAE in search of job, all these valuable manpower are the resource for UAE’s economic and cultural growth. That’s the reason for implementing a guiding light such as a Tawjeeh.

Basically, everyone will think that whether Tawjeeh and Tas’heel are the same? Is there any difference between these two? Tawjeeh is for workers and employers and is an important service provider to finding employees and their welfare. Tas’heel on the other hand, is an online system and it processes applications to the Ministry of Labor. These are the major difference. One acts for the labors and other is the system which processes their applications.

Tawjeeh services are eligible for

  • Employers

  • Employees

  • PRO/Company’s representatives

Why choose Fimkin over Tas’heel?

Tawjeeh provides training to new employees and now a days these classes are mandatory to newly hired employees. Application for new employee cannot be fulfilled without completion of the classes. The tawjeeh guides about the knowing the responsibilities and rights of employees and employers before signing the contract. This training by tawjeeh is not applicable for those who are committed to work under freezones.

According to the UAE law, employees need to undergo training before joining their work, which states how mandatory Tawjeeh training has become in UAE.

As it is clearly mentioned, Fimkin provides the best and reliable PRO service in the UAE. Fimkin’s ultimate PRO solution will guide you to the TAWJEEH and will complete the process. Same as the meaning of the word Tawjeeh, Fimkin also stands as a guiding or a light house those who wishes to sail in the sea of opportunities inside the UAE. We provide you the accurate updates regarding the applications.

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