Work Permit

Work Permit

Issuing a work permit is the initial stage for an employee to get placed in a job and get a residence visa inside the UAE. Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MoHRE) is responsible for issuing the work permit for individuals. The department issues approximately 12 types of work permits which allow establishments registered under MoHRE to recruit employees.

The 12 types of Work Permit includes:

  • A work permit to recruit an employee from outside the country

  • A work permit to transfer a foreign worker from one establishment to another

  • A work permit for a resident on a family sponsorship

  • Mission-work permit to recruit a worker from abroad to complete a temporary job

  • A part-time work permit

  • Juvenile work permit

  • UAE/GCC national work permit

  • Golden Visa holder work permit

  • National trainee permit

  • Freelance permit issued to self-sponsored foreigners in the UAE

  • Relative work permit

These are the different work permit issued by the ministry for the hired talent. For applying the permit, the ministry asks for the passport copy, photo and educational documents. Once work permit is issued, you can be assured that you are being hired for the position which you have been informed after the interview.

Before applying for a work permit, you must make sure that the organization or the company is having a valid trade license copy and also the establishment card as well. In case your organization have any fine,  salary block or any other issue with the labor, the application for new work permits will be rejected.

Once an employee is on boarded, the employer needs to get the labor and immigration part completed and get the residency for the employee. After the hiring, the organization will process the work permit and labor contract which should be signed by the employee. All the salary allowances and other clauses will be mentioned in the labor contract. Once the labor part is completed, the organization will complete the immigration from the entry visa.

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