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An Overview Into The Growing Passport of UAE

How many of you know the fact that the UAE passport has grown stronger in the past year? Now the UAE passport is in 11th position and the United Arab Emirates citizens can get visa free access to 183 countries in the world. The UAE is the biggest gainer in this list. It shows how strongly and safely the country has grown. The UAE passport also maintained its strong position in the region.

As per the 2024 passport Index by Arton Capital, a global financial advising organization, the UAE passport continued maintaining its status as the world’s most powerful passport. To maintain this status is not at all an easy task. This would surely mean the amount of influence and trust that this country has acquired from the global community. Thus UAE is also seems to be one of the forefront countries when it comes to peace and humanity. The country always stands by it.

How Was It Achieved?

This is not just a simple task to achieve. This was achieved through dedication and diplomatic efforts. Now the holders of the UAE passport enjoy entry into 183 countries worldwide. This is something that is really great and helpful for all the UAE citizens who are eagerly waiting to have a journey to most of this countries.


The passport of UAE has been strong from the very beginning stage onwards. When we look into the strength of UAE passport in the past ten years we can easily understand how fast and effectively was the growth took place. In the year 2014 the passport of UAE ranked at 55th position and in 2015 it reached to 42nd position. Within the span of one year a growth that saw a climb of 13 positions. Then in the year 2016 it reached 38th position and in 2018 it reached 21st position. It was a sudden growth. In the year 2019 it reached to 15th position and in 2020 again gone a little backward to 18th position. In 2021 it reached 16th followed by 15th position in 2022, 13th in 2023 and now at 11th position in 2024. The above given information shows how effectively and speedily is the UAE passport grown through the years.

What are the benefits of having a UAE passport?

Well, there are very many benefits of having a UAE passport. The country’s passport has grown up to 11th position in 2024 and the benefits of this will be enjoyed by the UAE citizens who travels to various parts of the world. Let us now have a clear-cut idea about the benefits of having a UAE passport.


If you are a person who travels around the world a lot, you would surely know the importance of having a strong passport. To tell you the truth, you will not be aware of the importance of it until you start travelling for various reasons. So, now our point of discussion is the Passport of UAE and it is good to know that by having the UAE passport now you can visit countries worldwide without the need to go through the complex and time consuming visa application process. If you have ever applied for a visa, you would know how tough it can be to get one approved.


One of the most important benefits of a strong passport is that it gives you freedom to travel the world without the constraints of visa requirements. Just imagine the fact that you are travelling to different countries, each requiring separate visas!

If you are a business professional, you can meet with global partners without the bureaucratic hurdles and increase the reach of your business.


It is very important to know that having access to the best education or your favorite place of education is very heartwarming. And with the UAE passport this desire is come true. The UAE citizens need not worry about getting a visa when going to their favorite country for education. Therefore it is something that really boosts up the will power and pride of each of the UAE citizens. So if you are a UAE citizen, we wish you to enjoy these benefits.

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