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An Overview : Of The UAE Market

UAE Market

Are you a person who is connected with business one or the other way? Are you interested in stepping into business? Are you interested in investing in UAE? What do you know about UAE market? Let us now know all these factors. As you might already know the United Arab Emirates has been one of the most important markets in the world. And more interestingly the UAE has a dynamic economy, which is also diversifying quickly as it aims to transform itself into a knowledge economy. The country’s openness to international business and strategic location as a gateway region create a gateway to the region create business opportunities and make the UAE an attractive market for most of the exporters.

The Seven Emirates:

As you you might already know there are a total of seven Emirates in the UAE and each of the Emirates is having a strong economy as well. And thus knowing about each of them will be of utmost importance as you are going to have an outlook about the UAE market.

Abu Dhabi

When you are talking about UAE market, the emirate called Abu Dhabi is of higher importance. Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in the UAE. Abu Dhabi occupies 84% of the landmass. And more importantly, the capital of UAE is located in Abu Dhabi city. And the ruler of Abu Dhabi is also the president of UAE. As per the UAE’s estimates, Abu Dhabi has a population over 2.9 million. Since Abu Dhabi has got the natural resources, including the oil, it has got the ability to grow by itself. And the Emirate remains to be as the pride of the nation. And when it comes to the economy, tourism is among the heavily invested sectors and play an important role.


Dubai is off course the second largest emirate in the UAE. Dubai occupies 5% of the nation’s land mass. The ruler of Dubai is also the prime minister of UAE. Despite the discovery of oil in the 1960s, Dubai can no longer be called as an emirate that is oil reliant. Dubai has diversified its economy and today Dubai is relying heavily on trade, tourism services and also the financial sectors. Therefore the market in Dubai is something that is of the utmost importance.


Sharjah is the third largest emirate of the UAE. The Sharjah economy is empowered by entrepreneurship and innovation. Their business include manufacturing, tourism, education, healthcare and business services etc. Sharjah’s 19 industrial areas contribute to more than 48% of UAE’s gross industrial output.


Ajman is the smallest emirate with regards to the landmass. Ajman Port and Ajman freezone are the main sources of its economic growth. Although small in size the Ajman government aims to build a distinctive government that promote green economy and also a happy and peaceful society.


In this emirate, the agriculture contribute to the economy the most. Fishing is also an integral part of the industry. The emirate exports seafood to Europe and Middle East Market.


It is an important emirate and it has got a powerful economy as well. Ras Al Khaimah has also set up freezone to attract a variety of foreign businesses and investments.


Having always the advantage of facing the east cost of Gulf of Oman, Fujairah Free Zone facilitates logistics or imports from across the Indian Ocean. The easterly location is always an advantage. The climate is more comfortable here and therefore it leads to a large number of weekend visitors.

And with this we have just had an overview of all seven Emirates of the UAE and their main sources of business. And all seven Emirates have contribution towards the UAE economy in a great amount. The UAE market is the collective economies of all these seven Emirates. And thus the market in the UAE is something that is super special.


As we have already reached the conclusion of our sharing of the informations on the UAE market, it is very important to note that the market in UAE is connected to the whole world and it has got lot of value and importance as well.

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