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Embassy: Legalization And Notarization

Embassy Legalization And Notarization

Embassy legalization and notarization in the UAE are of utmost importance for all those who are related to this nation for various purposes. Therefore it seems to be a topic that has to be discussed well. At first let us turn our attention to the ‘legalization’ and then we will discuss well about notarization too.

Well, Legalization, is also called consular legalization, is a consular service requested by a natural person, a legal entity or an organization, to certify the authenticity of the last seal or signature affixed to a notarial act or other documents.

What is the exact purpose of legalization?

Imagine if the documents you have is not suitable to use in another country, especially if you are a business man or a person travels a lot. It will affect you a lot in various ways that can even be described now. So legalization makes documents suitable for use in another country. The process of legalization often involves several different steps. Documents that can be legalized include civil status documents, court orders and diplomas or certificates. So now you must have got an idea about the purpose of legalization and why is it so important as well. Let us now go little more deep into the legalization process.


UAE (united Arab Emirates) is a federation of seven developing emirates. The United Arab Emirates include a variety of environment. You can see rocky desert, coastal plains and wetlands, and waterless mountains. United Arab Emirates, therefore attracts travellers from worldwide and they never stop coming to visit this great nation. Other than the travellers, there are also many of the business people coming over here as the nation is one of the business capitals of the world. Therefore the UAE attestation is a frequent process happening worldwide.

Is Legalization a Mandatory Process in UAE?

Legalization is a mandatory procedure while applying for a visa to move to United Arab Emirates either for individual or expert needs. The procedure of UAE legalization will demonstrate the documents to be lawful. UAE Embassy legalization is specifically the process required when a person is travelling to United Arab Emirates.

How can I do embassy legalization in UAE?

If you are in need to do the embassy legalization in UAE, the certificates and documents for the attestation should be submitted to the embassy along with the photocopy of the certificate or document and a copy of your passport. The original passport should be presented for verification and return. This is how you can do the embassy legalization in UAE.


 Notarization is an official fraud – deterrent process that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic, and also can be trusted. It is off course a three part process and it is performed by a notary public and it is including of vetting, certifying and record keeping. Notarization are also referred to as “notarial acts.”

Who can notarize a document in UAE?

In the UAE, you can notarize a document with ease through public and private notaries. And another important factor regarding this is that you can use the option to complete the entire process through online. It is something that most of the other countries do not provide.

Why should I do notarization?

Well, it is very much important to do notarization and it is helping you to prevent fraud and also has a higher level of legal credibility. To protect yourself from contractual disputes and fraud, it is important to notarize legal documents like Wills, Power of Attorneys and affidavits.


Let us now conclude our discussion on embassy legalization and notarization. As we are reaching to the end of our sharing of this information, what you need to remember the most is the fact that notarization and legalization are most necessary documents for you if you are an international traveller. As UAE is a nation which always welcome people from all over the world and people are so eager to visit this country for various purposes, it is very important to know better about both of these.

If you are in need of any clarifications or legal assistance with regards to the Embassy Legalization and Notarization please feel free to reach out to us in FIMKIN.

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