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Eyes to Saudi Arabia: Avail All Saudi Government Services with Fimkin

There are many government services available in Saudi Arabia. And those services are at your reach in FIMKIN. If you are truly interested in knowing about the Saudi Government Services, please do follow us. We are really happy to render our service to you.

Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom with great vision and as part of vision 2030, a series of recent economic reforms have been happening in the Kingdom. For creating a future investment for local and foreign investments, Saudi Arabia aims to increase the foreign investment contribution to the GDP by 2030. As of now the government of Saudi Arabia is actually supporting the private sectors and investments to employ Saudi Nationals and diversify its economy by making the law and regulations more business friendly. Let us now have a deep glance into some of the major government services and its registration process.

Saudi Arabia Company Formation

Company formation and registration process in Saudi Arabia can last for a few weeks, when we compare to the similar procedures in many other countries. It is a fact that Saudi Arabia can become and ideal location for foreign businesses. And the government of Saudi Arabia is truly instrumental in making their services available to every businesses minds. Therefore the company formation in Saudi Arabia is truly a systematic process. And for those who truly follow that systematic process it is of no difficulty to form a company in Saudi Arabia. All government services regarding the Saudi Arabia company formation is available at FIMKIN. We are happy to help you out in making the best use of Saudi Government services.

Are Saudi Government Services important to run a business smoothly in the Kingdom?

Well, the answer is yes without a second thought. All the Saudi Government services are important to run your business in the Kingdom. Saudi Government portal management involves the use of various online platforms provided by the Saudi Government to confirm that your business operations are compliant, efficient and transparent. These portals support various aspects of business management, including investment, commerce, labor and taxation.

If you are waiting to get the government services, don’t waste your valuable time in learning how to manage these portals, instead you can reach out to us at FIMKIN. We are always ready and willing to serve you.

What are the Main Portals to manage a business in Saudi Arabia?

If you are interested in knowing about these portals kindly go through the below given information.

MISA (Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia)

MISA provides services that are supportive and advisory to organizations that are planning to invest in Saudi Arabia. The portal allows businesses to apply for investment licenses online, issue the GM Visa, amend their licenses, and provide advisory on their expansion.

COC (Chamber of Commerce – Riyadh)

If you really want to activate your business account, you can do it through COC. Companies can use it to activate their business account, receive e-document certification, and also to manage their business information. In Saudi Arabia the COC truly supports and represents the business community.

MOL (Ministry of Labor)

MoL oversees labor laws and regulations and ensures that the rights and obligations of both employers and employees are upheld without failure.

SPL (Saudi Post)

SPL actually provides postal, shipping, and logistics services within Saudi Arabia and also to many other countries.

What are the other portals that manage business in Saudi Arabia?

If you would like to know more about the portals and the services of the Government of Saudi Arabia, please feel free to reach us out in FIMKIN. For just having a glance we have given below some of the other portals as well.

They are as follows: OIWA (Electronic Platform for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development), Mudad (Payroll & Compliance System), Muqeem (E-service for Resident/Employee Registration), Saudi Business Center (SBC), GOSI (General Organization for Social Insurance), and MoC (Ministry of Commerce). MoC is Saudi Arabia’s national portal for government services and information.


We FIMKIN are always at your service when it comes to the Saudi Government Services. For any such service please feel free to contact us. Saudi government services are always ready to render their service for you. Therefore if you have any procedures to be done, do not be late and have a second thought, but just reach out to us in FIMKIN.

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