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UAE Visa Banned to Indians? Fact Check

Abu Dhabi: “Achieve demographic diversification while hiring employees”- this is the hot topic that is being discussed around the UAE and other south Asian countries at present. Many applicants are still in the confusion that is this a permanent ban or any specification are there. So, here is the real version of this update, in which you can understand that this is not any ban on South Asian nationals, but this update aims on diversification in the companies all over UAE. Authorities have also confirmed that this is not a ban or restriction to these nationalities and the spreading news of ban to the nationalities are groundless.

What is the new update on UAE employment Visa?

As per the new update on the employment visa in UAE, all companies should make sure that they have a demohraphic diversification while hiring employees. That is, the first 20 percent of the company’s inital labor quota should be filled with different nationalities and priority to any single national cannot be provided. As South Asian nationals are the majority in UAE, this will affect in the visa processing of these nationals. This is not a ban, but an indication on UAE’s diversification.

The officials working in the field of immigration and labor department confirmed that this demographic representation is considered when granting visas to companies where employees from the same country or region work mostly. Like, if a company is having the same nationalities on their 20% of quota, new visas to same nationalities will not be granted. They need to hire different nationalities in order to have a demographic diversification. This is just an updation that automatically comes into the system as more people from the same country work in a company. So, as the official suggest this is neither a ban nor a restriction to these nationalities.

The vast majority of the country’s population is a mixture of different nationalities. About more than half percent of this population is Indian diaspora. So, this new rule has been confused the Indian nationalities, generating a fear of visa ban or restriction.

Is the rule applicable only to Indians?

As it is confirmed, this rule is applicable to all South Asian Countries including India and Paskistan. The visa will be granted to these nationalities if the company follows demographic diversification. This is not only applicable to Indian but to all other South Asian Nationals. There is no ban to these nationalities. They can migrate to UAE on tourist or visit visas. Even Golden visa are also granted. This is an updation for companies and the nationals just need to be careful as there no ban. If the company is fulfilling the needs, visa will be granted to these nationalities.

As the rule has become a hot topic, employees who were about to cancel their visa or resign from the countries has also changed their minds. It is advised that, those who are about to cancel their visa should stay and continue in the same company until the rule gets updated. This rule is a blessing and a curse at the same time. As Indian nationals will be having a difficulty in granting the visa and blessing for those nationalities to get their visa easily. As per the current rule, 20 percent of the quota of a company should have all possible nationality and cannot be fixed to South Asian countries alone.

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