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Distance Learning in The UAE

What do you know about eLearning, eLearning, and Distance Learning in the UAE? Do you have any ideas regarding this? Are you interested in knowing more about this? If so let us spend some time in knowing more about all these. Here we go!

eLearning, mLearning, and Distance Learning

The United Arab Emirates is very much instrumental in offering eLearning, mLearning, and Distance Learning. The YouTube channel Duroosi is offering 600 tutorials and they are covering a variety of subjects based on the national caricullam. As you might have already heard, under the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning project, the United Arab Emirates is equipping around 400 campuses with the latest 4G networks, and eContent on smart devices. Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University offers online bachelor and master’s course. Therefore the United Arab Emirates is really being magnificent in this field to a fantastic level.

Madrasa, the Platform for eLearning:

A few years back the United Arab Emirates had launched a free learning platform that provides 5,000 free Arabised videos in general science, mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics. More interestingly, it also provides 11 million words of educational content to students from kindergarten to grade 12. This platform is actually accessible online to over 50 million Arab students around the world. Students can access the platform on their personal computers or mobile phones through Madrasa app which is available on iTunes. So this can be considered as a wonderful platform for learning. And the country like UAE is providing it all with the best of facilities.

What are the things that these platforms are aiming at?

There are various factors that these platforms are aiming at. And let us have a clearcut picture of all that. First of all, these platforms are instrumental in bridging the knowledge gap in the Arab region and they are also instrumental in removing the barrier that Arab people encounter when they search for resources and information available in English. Another important aim of these platforms is to create a new generation of qualified Arab researchers, scientists, innovators and inventors capable of building knowledge based societies and shaping better future of their countries, providing quality education which follows the latest international caricullam in science and mathematics. And another important aim is to establish the foundations of self learning and methodology, along with the traditional educational institution. So, as we have already understood, the aims are really interesting and they will surely be helpful to the educational system of the country.

What are the courses these platforms are trying to include in the future?

Well, in the future, these platforms will also include courses on Arabic language, computer science, engineering, programming, artificial intelligence and space science. So you must have understood how important it is going to be in the future. As they are planning to include all the important subjects, it is going to be a great step in the history of the online education.

Effects of Distance Learning and eLearning in Dubai:

If you are particularly thinking about the distance learning and eLearning in Dubai and asking a question, whether they are really effective or not, you need to understand the kind of chances these educational methods have already made. These methods are of high quality and use for the students. For many students these online platforms are of great use. As it helps the students to be at their convenient place and learn at their comfort, it is truly helpful and effective for the students.

As we have already reached the conclusion of our sharing of information about these online learning methods in the UAE, what we need to understand the most is the fact that these methods are truly helpful for the students in the UAE. These kind of changes are really beneficial and it can make a lot of positive changes as well.

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