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Prequalification and Approvals: Get your Company Registered with ADNOC

Are you one among those who is waiting to register your company with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)? Are you worried about the prequalification and approval? All your doubts will hopefully be cleared here. Let us together go through the process.

Who is ADNOC?

ADNOC, or the Abu Dhabi National Oil company, is a state-owned oil company in the United Arab Emirates. Do you know that it was founded in 1971 and by now it has already grown up to one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world.

ADNOC Registration Process

Oh, yes! You are one of those smart guys who really want to know better about the ADNOC registration process; don’t be tensed because what we are going to discuss here in nothing but the process of ADNOC registration itself. Here what we need to know at first is the fact that the ADNOC group awards multimillion-dollar contracts to local companies every year. So, this is a very important factor as far as all those who are planning for this registration.

Can foreign companies get into business with ADNOC?

Well, this is a good question that many of you might be asking. And the answer is yes. Foreign companies can get into business with ADNOC if they have their own company in Abu Dhabi and should have a local sponsor as a business partner or if they work with a local agent. But associating with ADNOC is possible only after getting the registration approval. The ADNOC registration for vendors and suppliers is a mandate introduced to maintain and expand ADNOC’s high quality standards.

What you mean by Vendor Registration in ADNOC?

The ADNOC vendor registration is a process that qualifies vendors who really wish to work with ADNOC and appear on their vendor list. ADNOC vendor registration is a critical step for companies seeking to do business with ADNOC, the state-owned oil company of the United Arab Emirates. The registration process helps the companies to showcase their products and services. And these companies will be seriously considered for future procurement opportunities with ADNOC.

What are the criteria for being eligible for registration?

Well, if you want to be eligible for registration, your company must meet a range of requirements. It includes legal and financial compliance, relevant industry experience and also adherence to ADNOC‘s sustainability and ethical standards.

What are the steps involved in in ADNOC Vendor Registration?

  • At first obtain a valid trade license and company profile that meets ADNOC’s requirements.
  • Up next you have to ensure that your business has relevant certifications and necessary insurance coverage.
  • Along with this you may also provide additional documentation as requested by ADNOC, such as financial statements or quality management certifications.
  • Then wait for ADNOC to review your application and confirm your prequalification status.
  • If you are prequalified, you will also be added to ADNOC’s list for approved vendors and thus there is always a chance for you to be invited to participate in tenders or other procurement processes.

How to get Supplier Registration with ADNOC?

As we have already discussed ADNOC is a state-owned company and thus it has strict requirements for suppliers and contractors, and the companies must meet certain prequalification criteria in order to be eligible for registration. It includes having a strong track record of performance, financial stability, and compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations.

How can I become a supplier to ADNOC?

Well, would you like to become a supplier to ADNOC? Is it the question that you had thought of asking? If yes don’t worry. Now you will know how you can be a supplier to ADNOC. For that at first you have to register with Abu Dhabi Government supplier’s portal. This portal is used to manage all supplier registrations and prequalification process for government entities in Abu Dhabi, including ADNOC.

A quick Synopsis…

If you are a person who is really eager to register your company in ADNOC, you must have got an idea on how to move about. Registering you company in ADNOC will be your dream achievement, because ADNOC is one of the prime companies of this field in the world. And it is a state-owned company as well. If you really wish to know more about this, please reach out to us in FIMKIN, let us together make the maximum use of this ocean full of opportunities.

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