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Chamber Of Commerce

Abu Dhabi chamber was able to execute a number of initiatives aimed at encouraging businesses to confront the pandemic effectively. Abu Dhabi government has launch of new website, which include all information about the roles and procedures of chamber and also included a comprehensive and complete list of their service and reliable source of a large number of economic sectors. Abu Dhabi chamber is only one chamber which is granted by UFI (Global Association of exhibition industry). 

Many sectors and compare are affiliated to the Abu Dhabi chamber. The digital platform of the Abu Dhabi chamber has handled more than 23460 transaction since its launch in 2020, Moreover, the events section at the chamber has organized more than 70 webinars and online events. The chamber has also engaged with a number of business councils in Abu Dhabi to discuss the challenges of current crisis. We,

Fimkin Business Services, help you to get approval and certified by Chamber. Here, we clearly mention the process of Abu Dhabi chamber registration.

ADDCI Registration

To register with the ADDC, company must have valued trade license which is obtained from organizations such as the department of economic development, member must also ensure that the form of there is completed with the ADDC approved categories eg.LLC, private limited, etc..

Required documents for registering in ADDCI

  • Must obtain license from Department of Economic Development

  • Required authorized person's Passport and Emirates ID copy

  • Copy of owner's agreement

  • Copy of leasing agreement

As per the Abu Dhabi Chamber Law No.27 of 2005, a corporation can become a member of the Chamber after registering at the competent licensing authority in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We can attest a certificate by chamber of commerce through online portal, by attesting that certificate it will stand as legal.

Required document for chamber of commerce attestation

  • Membership certificate copy

  • Authorized persons details

  • Document of attestation

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