Five Year Multiple-Entry Visa

Five Year Multiple-Entry Visa

A five-year multi-entry visa for tourists, announced in March 2021, allows visitors to enter several times during a year or stay for 90 days at a time and extend it for another 90 days. The entire period of stay should not exceed 180 days in one year. This visa does not require a sponsor but it does require proof of having a bank balance of around 14,500 AED or its equivalent in foreign currencies during the six months before applying. This visa program is also crucial for business aiming to bring employees in and out of the country for meetings, conferences and other events. By providing a five-year multiple-entry visa for all nationalities, UAE aims to strengthen the country’s status as a global economic capital.

Documents required for getting a five-year multi-entry visa

  • Bank statement for the last six months to prove that you have a balance of 14,500 AED or its equivalent in foreign currencies

  • Proof of UAE health insurance

  • Copy of passport

  • Recent passport size photo taken in a white background

Visitors may also need to provide additional documents during their five-year multiple entry visa application. It includes a copy of flight ticket, proof of residence and lease agreement or hotel bookings. After submitting the above mentioned documents, applicants need to wait for visa process and approval.

Time duration: Up to 4 to 5 working days (depends)

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