Marketing Manager


Job Description:

Organazational Structure:

  • Report to : Marketing Manager
  • Responsible for : Marketing Department
  • Level of authority : In accordance with the approved Organisational Structure.

Desired Skills:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Drive risk appropriate revenue and profitability objectives through strategic planning, research and ability to initiate new revenue opportunities and products in existing markets through innovative approaches, ideas, service segmentation and customer experience.
  • Protect the exclusive value of the current customer experience and create new ways to add value to current customers and attract prospective customers, such as leveraging technology and connection with others in the community.
  • Leverage agency relationships to optimise exposure of the company and products in all media channels through innovative marketing.
  • Be a credible, articulate company spokesperson and ensure effective multi-modal communication to engage our external communities in regards to our products.
  • Understand distinct needs of internal stakeholders including consumer, commercial and wealth management. Ability to interface with IT and Operations to ensure execution of ideas.
  • Attend to, manage and resolve patient complaints to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
  • Actively participate in JCI accreditation project.
  • Ensure compliance with government regulatory agencies and accrediting bodies.
  • Develop new business strategies to enhance market share and improve overall performance.
  • Work through the management team and medical leadership of the hospital, serving as a resource to help reduce costs, enhance revenues, achieve effective utilization and quality goals and objectives, analyze and utilize information to develop and support management decisions.
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein, as may be assigned or delegated.
  • Comply with all OSH and infection control policies, standards and procedures and cooperate with hospital management to comply those requirements
  • Work accordance with the documented OSH procedures and instructions, specific responsibilities
  • Be familiar with emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near misses and issues and assistance with the preparation of risk assessments, incident reports
  • Comply with Waste management procedures and policies
  • Attend applicable OSH/Infection control training programs, mock drills and awareness programs
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems