Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Are looking to secure your vehicle? But confused about the process? Consult today with our experts for getting your vehicle secured with the best vehicle insurance. Before moving on to further details, one should always be clear that there are two types of insurance available for your vehicle to get secured. One is the third party liability insurance, which only covers the damage caused by you to others. The other one is comprehensive policy which includes the same Third party coverage, but in addition, it covers damage to your vehicle up to the insured amount, mentioned in the policy. If you are involved in an accident in the UAE where your are at fault, your car insurance company will typically cover the cost of damage to the other driver’s vehicle and any injuries they sustained.

The best and accurate car insurance can be your saviour during accidents. As everyone is aware that UAE is always stick to its rules, if you wish  to get a new car, or to transfer ownership, or to renew your driving license, you need to have a vehicle insurance. Without a valid insurance, the application for any of the aforementioned service cannot be submitted.

Finding the right car insurance in UAE is never been easier. But with our expert solution, you can always find the best vehicle insurance. Fimkin provides wide range of insurance like Sukoon Insurance, Takaful Insurance. New India Assurance and much more.

There are a number of other benefits to comprehensive and third party insurances. The benefits vary according to the policy you take. While you are about to secure your life and vehicle with an insurance, you should never look for much cheaper one. The more expensive you choose, the more benefits you get such as roadside assistance, lock repairs and also GCC coverage. Always be wise in choosing insurance for both health and vehicle.

The third party vehicle insurance provides the minimum cover. That is the owner and the vehicle are not covered but the insurance company will pay for any damage caused by the owner or the vehicle to someone else or their vehicle. It is the law to have third party car insurance throughout the UAE. That is, no one will be left to pay if another road user who is at the blame for the damages, to him/her or their vehicle.

Comprehensive car insurance covers the owner and the vehicle as well as any damage that the owner cause to others. In other words, the owner gets the third party cover, coverage for the owner and also the second party.

For getting the insurance quote, one should provide the details of the vehicle like the model, make and value also the emirate in which it should be registered. Along with that the driving license of the owner and the emirates id is also required to get the best quote to protect you are your vehicle from damages.

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