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small business in dubai

Are you an individual who is eagerly waiting to start a small business in Dubai?

Are you one among those business minds who is foreseeing a career through business in Dubai?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you can go through these informations and it will be of great use and help for you. Let us turn into our job without waisting our valuable time. Let us now know more about surviving with a small business in Dubai.

Small Businesses in Dubai:

As you must have already noticed, small and medium enterprises are the main strength of the United Arab Emirate’s economy. A good percentage of all businesses in the country are classified as small scale business, as per the informations given by Ministry of Economy. More than 86% of the workforce in the private sector is employed by them. Therefore the small scale business in the UAE is of higher importance.

Is there a chance to get set backs in the small scale businesses?

Well, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Like in all businesses, there are highs and lows in small businesses too. Since what you may see in Dubai is such a competitive business environment, small and medium businesses can also really feel the strain. But what you need to understand the most is the fact that there is no fixed formula to get your business through challenging economic or slow business periods. But when we are being alert on certain aspects of our business, we can control this to some extent. And what we are going to see here is those tips with which you might be able to survive with your small scale business in Dubai.

Is it Worth Making Small Investments in Dubai?

This might be a question that many of you might be feeling to ask. And the answer to this is yes. Because it is always worth making a small investment in Dubai. And the profit that you make out of this will be always depending on the kind of tricks you use. If you are clever businessman  with good ideas to survive, it is always worth making investments in Dubai. As you might already know, Dubai is a freezone of the United Arab Emirates and thus it is very much friendly for you to start a business. Therefore if you have your own business plans, it is always worth making investments in Dubai.

Tips To Survive With Your Small Business in Dubai:

Although your business success and survival is based on your ideas and talents in that, there are tips that can really help you to do better in your business. And let us have a clearcut picture of these business tips.

  • Be Aware of Your Cash Flow:

It is very much important as far as your small scale business in Dubai is concerned. You must know your finances and numbers inside out. Distribute invoices quickly and chase up debtors, do not purchase more stock than you actually needed. If you keep these little things in your mind, it will be of great help to you.

  • Reduce Your Operating Costs:

You must be able to cut costs in every aspects of your business, and this will surely give you more savings. You must also make your business more environment friendly. Making your business environment friendly does not only help the planet but also it saves your money.

  • Change to a Safer Sponsorship and Reduce Costs:

Most of the Dubai Mainland companies that require a local sponsor are often overpaying on their sponsorship. But this has to be avoided. Companies that have arranged their sponsorship more than 18 months ago should examine if savings can be made and whether it is feasible to remove the local sponsor as it is no longer require for certain foreign owned companies.


As we have already reached the conclusion of our discussion and the sharing of the informations on surviving with a small scale business in Dubai, what we need to remind ourselves is the fact that we should be alert and have our own ideas in order to make our business a successful one. The above given tips can also be very much beneficial while running a small business in Dubai.

If you have any further queries or clarifications regarding this, you are most welcome to reach out to us in FIMKIN. Our team of experts are eagerly waiting to render the most required service to you.


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