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A Glance Into Gold Trading License In UAE

Oh yes! Are you really interested in gold trading? Are you particularly have an interest to get a license of gold trading in UAE? If yes we FIMKIN Group is here to take you for a ride. It is not a fantasy ride, but what we are going to do is nothing but giving you some of the realistic ideas and information regarding the gold trade and its license in UAE. Let us take the journey together.


How many of you know that Dubai is a city of gold? Yes Dubai is also known as the ‘City of Gold’.

Do you know that possessing a license in Gold, Diamond, non manufactured precious metal has already become one of the greatest aspirations of the traders all over the world. And getting it in Dubai is always their firstly preferred desire.

From where do the investors get gold trading license in UAE?

Investors can get a gold trading license from DMCC Free Zone, The Gold & Diamond Park, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, and also from Mainland of Dubai. So, if you are planning to take a license kindly note down the above given details. Now let us move on to discuss about how to start gold trading business in Dubai? Gold trading is as understood to be as a very popular trade category in Dubai due to the fact of having high demand for the same. There are lots of tourists arriving in Dubai and the demand for gold goes higher and higher.

How can I start a gold trading business in Dubai?

There are plenty of options available for the investors to start a gold trading business in Dubai. But considering all the factual information, the DMCC Free Zone and the Gold and Diamond Park seem to be as the best options to choose. Because they have the infrastructure and ecosystem to support the gold trading in Dubai.

Which are the major Business Centers from which a Gold Trading License can be secured in Dubai?

If you are so eager to know about those centers let us know those big names.

They are namely: Gold Trading License in DMCC, Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, and the Gold Trading from DED.

Let us now know more about the gold trading license that we can secure from these business centers.

DUBAI DMCC (Gold Trading License)

Gold business can be successfully registered and done from a Free Zone in Dubai. If you are interested to start a gold trading company in Dubai you can register with the DMCC Free Zone.

Which are the major steps in setting up a Gold Trading License in Dubai?

The major steps to set up a gold trading license in Dubai are well described below. Let us have a glance into that.


At first the investor has to submit the trade name for approval from DMCC. The DMCC Authorities will review the company registration documents and all other documents before issuing the initial approval. After this the investor is free to choose the office space, wear housing facilities, and so on. Then the tenancy agreement and rental contract must be prepared and submitted to DMCC to issue the final license documents.


To apply for a license from Dubai Gold and Diamond Park there are certain documents required. They are given below:

  1. Gold Trading license application form.
  2. Company name approval form.
  3. Passport Copy of the partnership or respective shareholders.
  4. Share holder resolution.
  5. MOAs and NOCs.

Which are the types of licenses available in Gold and Diamond Park?

  1. Gold and precious metals Trading License.
  2. Manufacturing License.
  3. Retail License.
  4. Innovation License.
  5. Service License.
  6. Ecommerce License.


Which are the documents required to obtain Gold Trading License from DED?

First of all, in order to obtain a Gold Trading License from DED, the investor should choose  a suitable trade name and submit it to DED for the approval and should also finalize the trading related activity that is to be done. Then for the initial approval the investor should submit application form with shareholder documents. Then there are also procedures like arranging the office space, getting Security Industry Regulatory Agency’s approval, preparing the lease agreement for the office premise, submitting the SIRA approval and so on.

After all these procedures the investors can proceed to apply for a bank account for their newly set up Gold Trading Business in Dubai’s Mainland.


As we conclude, we the FIMKIN Group would like to let you once again remind that Dubai is known as the ‘City of Gold’. And fulfill your desire to obtain a Gold Trading license in UAE as soon as you wish. If you need anymore information regarding obtaining a Gold Trading License in UAE, kindly reach out to us in FIMKIN.

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