ADEK Attestation

ADEK Attestation

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) is one of the Education Sector which regulates the educational standards and terms all over the emirates. ADEK provides services throughout a student’s education journey and beyond. The department also provides students with full scholarships and support to get placed at the best university around the world. Empower Education, Empower Minds, Empower the Future is the main mission and vision of ADEK. The department values and pays attention to all the students and recognizes that every learner is different and implements a diversity of teaching methods which will empower and encourage the learners to earn maximum potential and success in their life with flying colors.

ADEK’s main vision is to develop the education system in the national capital and boost a culture of creativity, sustainability and excellence. The department also focus on developing human, social and economic capabilities among learners.

Services offered by ADEK

Providing approval for schools from scholarship for students, ADEK provides different services for the empowerment of future generation. The department values each learner and provides services which will bring out the best in the students.Some of the major services from ADEK includes:

  • Initial Approval for Private Schools

  • Attestation of Report cards

  • School completion certificate for high school graduates

  • Scholarships

  • Private Nursery or school licenses

  • Private school temporary license

  • Attesting report cards for other emirate students

  • Services for teachers

The above listed are some of the major services provided by ADEK. The department nurtures and brings out the hidden gems and mould students to be the diamond of the future.

Role of Fimkin

For empowering the future, Fimkin will always be a lending hand and should to support. For attesting your documents with ADEK and complete all the documentation for your school’s license, Fimkin will be your wing-man which you can relay on. We will complete your attestation and other services with ADEK. You can always sit back and relax as long as we are committed to you. We takes care of your document with utmost care and will guide you from the starting to the end,

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