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labour complaint process in the UAE

Are you an individual who is working in the UAE? Are you interested in finding a job in the UAE? If yes is your answer to any of these questions you need to know more about the labour complaint process in the United Arab Emirates. Let us know more about it. Private sector workers in the UAE who have not received their entitlements like gratuity or overtime pay, are now able to expedite the process to collect their overdue claims. Since January 1st 2024 onwards, the labour complaints process in the United Arab Emirates private sector has been updated after the revised legislation. Let us now learn more about that.

What is Mohre labour complaint?

In fact the employer, or the employee or the employee’s beneficiary can file a complaint to MoHRE in case of a breach of the terms or the employment contract or their right as per the labour law. In all cases, no claim for any rights due will be heard after one year from the date of violation. More interestingly, when the case is in the court, the employee can apply for a temporary work permit from MOHRE to work with another employer until the case is resolved. The ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) issues work issues work permits to employees working within the UAE. The employer has all the freedom to apply for a new work permit by submitting a colour photograph of the employee with a white background. With this detailed explanation, you must have already understood well about MOHRE labour complaint and thus we will now move forward to look into the online labour complaint services.

How to File a MOHRE Complaint Online?

If you are planning to proceeded with your MOHRE complaint via online, don’t be worried the steps are given below. There is a very transparent and convenient procedure to complain through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Once you file a complaint, the department looks into the issue, communicates with both the parties and settles the dispute. The options to file the complaints via online are given below:

Both employees and employers can file a complaint using the MOHRE official website or mobile app. As per the process you can visit the MOHRE website or download the app and select either salary complaint or labour complaint. You have to register as a user with your mobile number. Then you must add the complaint details and submit. So, if you are planning to file an online MOHRE complaint, don’t be worried, the process is simple as directed above.

Know More About The Labour Complaint Process in the UAE:

There is a very transparent way to file the labour complaint in the UAE. If you believe that your right as a worker has been violated, you can file a labour complaint through MOHRE as we have already discussed above. But there are several ways to do this. You can do it through a service centre, MOHRE call centre, website, or mobile app. First of all, you can do it via a service centre. You can go to the nearest TASHEEL service centre, which are located across the UAE. Be sure to bring important documents such as your passport, Emirates ID, job contract, etc. TASHEEL is an online system that processes labour related applications, payments, transactions, and other concerns. You can also do it via MOHRE call centre. To file a complaint over the phone, you can contact the MOHRE call centre through these numbers:

  • 600-590-000 (for complaints by UAE citizens working in the private sector).
  • 04-665-9999 (for complaints by non nationals working in the private sector).

Another method is via Mohre Website and it is already explained. And there is yet another method and it is via MOHRE mobile app. Through this method the steps are simple, you can just download the MOHRE mobile app from App Store or Google Play. Then the proceedings can easily be understood from the app itself.


As we have reached the conclusion of our sharing of the important informations on the labour complaint process in the UAE, what we need to understand the most is the fact that the labour complaint is very important and it can easily be done through various ways.

If you have any further queries or clarifications regarding this, you can feel free to approach us in FIMKIN.

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