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An Overview of The Gulf Cooperation: Council Regional Tourist Visa

Regional Tourist Visa

Are you also one of those guys who is very much interested in international touring? Are you an international traveller? Are you a person who is having a great passion and interest towards travel? If your answer is yes towards any of these questions, it is very important to know what is described below. So let us together have a journey through something that is very important.

What Is The GCC Regional Tourist Visa?

Well, you might have already heard of the regional tourist visa issued by the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. And let us now know better about it. Member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council unanimously approved the introduction of a regional tourist visa. And it is very important to know which are those member states. And let us now have an outlook to those countries. The member states that approved this regional tourist visa include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Quatar and the United Arab Emirates. GCC members shared the news that the visa will be introduced for the interest and help of travellers all over the world. And it can be seen as the resemblance of European Union’s Schengen Visa.

What Is The Purpose Of Regional Tourist Visa?

Well, the regional tourist visa is introduced by Gulf Cooperation Council has some serious purposes. And let us now discuss those purposes. First of all you should understand the fact that the Gulf countries are the dream countries or one of the most preferred countries for the travellers across the globe. Having said that, until now the travellers across the globe are facing a problem of being in need of visa for most of the GCC countries separately. And due to this, many of the tourists just keep aside their plan and desire to visit more than one country at a stretch. But once this regional tourist visa is issued, they don’t need to get separate visas for each of the GCC countries, but they can visit all the GCC member states with this visa. So it is an advantage for the international tourists and it will surely attract a lot of tourists to the GCC member states. Therefore, the regional tourist visa introduced by the Gulf Cooperation Council is of utmost importance and relevance.

What are the changes made with the introduction of this visa?

Officials of the GCC have already planned to introduce a GCC specific tourist visa that is to begin soon. As per the statements from the officials, the unified Gulf Tourist Visa is a project that will contribute to facilitating and streamlining the movement of residents and tourists between the six Gulf Cooperation Council member states. And it is to be frank, a brave and clever step that the GCC countries have taken foreseeing the future.

As We Look Ahead:

If you are an individual or family or group of friends who are planning for a Gulf trip, be happy that you will be able to visit all the Gulf Cooperation Council member States with one visa. Is it not a golden opportunity? Yes off course. It is going to help tourists all over the world. And as we look ahead what we can see is the huge number of tourists who are on their way to Gulf. And it will surely mark as the beginning of a new tourist era.

Golden Opportunity:

Yes off course, it is a golden opportunity. And what is going to happen in the future is nothing but the overflow of tourists from across the countries. And what we are going to witness for sure is also an overflow of tourists from the Asian countries as well. Let us hope for the best.

Let Us Conclude:

As we are concluding the most useful passing of information and discussion, let us be reminded of the fact that there are procedures that we need to undergo while applying for this visa. Are you worried about where to apply and how to apply and so on? Never even think about that. Because, for your help we FIMKIN are always there. Hand over your documents to us and sit back, relax and be prepared for your touring. We will do the rest. For any help, clarifications, doubts regarding this, you are always welcome to reach out to us in FIMKIN. Feel free to contact us.

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