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Don't let the monetary penalties rise! Get your Asateel Registration Permit today

According to the Integrated Transport Center(ITC) regulations, commercial vehicles and public transportation vehicles must obtain permits in order to entertain smooth running of their vehicles. By using the benefits of Asateel Registration, you will have the ability to request, cancel and renew those special permits for your vehicles.

As advised by the ITC, if your freight transportation business operates in Abu Dhabi or if your freight transport services travel to Abu Dhabi, you should apply for a permit through Abu Dhabi’s Asateel portal. It is also necessary to use a GPS tracker and other related hardware equipment that are integrated to the Asateel’s strict guidelines.

What are the consequences happen if you don’t register with Asateel?

The fines for unregistered freight businesses on Asateel platform are at its peak now. Those organizations or firms who fail to register with Asateel and install GPS are facing a piling up of fines. So, become a member or Asateel and avoid paying huge penalties.

If your organization needs to operate commercial vehicles, including passenger transportation and freight transportation in Abu Dhabi, you must register these vehicles with Asateel. Fines are the major consequences that one needs to face if the company fails to register with Asateel. Since Abu Dhabi is always stick to its rules, if there is any fail for the registration, the consequences will be imposed as penalties for the company.

What are the steps involved in registering with Asateel?

  1. First of all, we need to register the company and the vehicles online in the Asateel portal. We need to make sure whether the company license is registered inside or outside Abu Dhabi.
  2. Once company registration process is completed, we need to register the contact information and address of the company.
  3. Once these initial registration is completed, we can proceed with other procedures for your Asateel Registration.

Device Installation and Certification for Asateel

  1. Locator will install Asateel certified GPS tracking device in each of the organization’s vehicles with Data Sim Card. If the vehicle is already having an installed GPS tracking device, we need to confirm whether it is certified by Asateel.
  2. Once the installation process is completed, a certificate of installation will be issued.
  3. After certificate issuance, we need to import the details to the Asateel nad need to initiate the tracking device activation process.

What are the required document to register a vehicle driver with Asateel?

The required documents to obtain a permit for vehicle drivers are:

  1. Valid UAE ID card for the vehicle owner
  2. Driving license
  3. Health Certificate from SEHA for the driver
  4. Training certificate

What are the required documents for Vehicle Registration with Asateel?

The required documents to obtain a permit for vehicle are:

  1. Mulkiya copy of the vehicle
  2. Authorized Mobile number linked to ITC
  3. GPS tracking system installation certificate

Companies can use their Asateel Platform profile to request the relevant permits from ITC. Heavy vehicles operating in Abu Dhabi require permits for various purposes, such as transporting goods, waste, or passengers. The permits are issued by the Abu Dhabi government’s Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) through the Asateel platform.

Secure your business with an Asateel Registration Permit

Don’t let the monetary penalties rise! Operating a business without the necessary permits and registrations can lead to severe financial consequences. By obtaining your Asateel Registration Permit, you ensure legal compliance and protect your transportation from potential fines.

At Fimkin, we understand the complexities of the registration process and are here to assist you every step of the way. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the application process, saving you time and hassle.

Take action now to secure your business’s future. Contact Fimkin today and let us help you obtain your Asateel Registration Permit. Don’t risk the financial and reputational consequences of non-compliance.