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Facility License Management: How to Get Healthcare Facility License in UAE? Who are Eligible?

Are you really seeking to get a healthcare facility license in UAE? If yes don’t worry, we will together know how to get it. As you already know, healthcare is the most basic requirement for all of us. Therefore, it is very well understood that the investors in Dubai are always looking to get maximum benefits from this sector. In Dubai, healthcare facility license approval authority is Dubai Health Authority (DHA) which issues the final permit to perform the activity.

What are the Healthcare Facility Activities?

If you are really interested in this are please have a thorough glance for the below mentioned are the main activities which require DHA approval.

  • Hospitals
  • General Clinic
  • Specialty Clinic
  • Polyclinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Drugstore
  • Day Surgery Center
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Dental
  • Diet and Weight control
  • Optics Center
  • Fertilization Center.

How to process the HealthCare Facility License?

If you are really interested to take a step in the healthcare field be happy because what we are going to see now is nothing but on how to move about with the processing of Healthcare Facility License. The process of this license starts from the Dubai economic department. DED gives you the initial approval and they will ask you to get the approval from Dubai Health Authority. Then you will have to provide certain documents to complete the DHA approval. General requirements for the new Facility License are below mentioned.

What are the General Requirements?

  • Should have the passport copies for local partner and UAE Emirates ID
  • Passport, Visa and Emirates ID copies of all expat partners. Visit visa holders no need to have the Emirates ID.
  • Engineering Layout/floor plan for facility.
  • Engineering office trade license.
  • Proposal letter from owner/ partners or who have power of attorney.
  • Affection plan from Dubai Municipality or Ejari.
  • Name reservation from Dubai Economic department (DED) or Free Zone.
  • DHA undertaking letters from owner/ partners or who have power of attorney.
  • These are the general requirements for processing the Health Care Facility license. If you are planning to process one, please go forward. But as you do, do it well. The healthcare facility in UAE is actually open with lots of opportunities. Because as you know, healthcare is an unavoidable sector.

What are the eligibility criteria to get Facility License?

If you are really interested to apply for a facility license, you will have know the criteria well. First of all, the eligible criteria include the applicant must be a UAE national, and a character reference (documents available in customer happiness centers) must be completed by the owner. And another important factor is that for the approval of a trade license, the facility must be fully owned by the UAE national owner, or he should own 51% in a limited liability company.

These criteria are of very much important and if you can fulfill all these criteria only you are eligible to get a facility license in UAE. Therefore, to meet these criteria are of great importance and necessity.


As of now you must have already known about the facility license management and how to get a healthcare facility license in UAE. As of now what you need to understand is the very fact that the healthcare facility license is very precious in UAE, and it will so important and it is very much connected to the prosperity of the country as a whole. As you are an aspiring individual who is interested to invest in the health field it is very important to note that the health care is all about caring people. Caring people is nothing but caring the nation or the society at large. So, while intending to invest in this field you must always have an ambition to create that wellness in the society and the country as a whole. And once again holding on to the fact that the health care is something precious, let us also embrace the very many of the opportunities available to invest in this field.

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