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Get a Will to Secure Your Family

With our legal experts, your assets and legacy will be secured legally.

A will contract is a type of contract to exchange a current performance for a future bequest. This is a binding legal agreement where parties pledge to dispose of their assets in a specific way upon death. It ensures your final wishes are honored.

What is a Will Contract?

A will contract is a legal agreement in which the testator (the person who creates the will), promises to dispose of all the property in exchange for the other contractual party’s promise to perform a duty. Individuals can also make a will contract in which they agree not to draft a will or revoke an existing will. Most jurisdictions recognize such contracts as valid although a few hold them as void against public policy. Some jurisdictions will not recognize an oral contract for such purpose, requiring instead that the contract be executed in writing and signed by both the parties.

What is the purpose of a Will Contract?

Will contracts are made between people who have different heirs to whom they wish to leave their property at death, but they may wish for the other person to have the use of until all of their combined assets until the death of the second to die. In a Will, you can mention the definition of your estate in the UAE, the names of your executors (the person who presents the Will in front of the competent court to get it executed upon the passing away of the testator), beneficiaries (the person who is entitled to receive the assets of the testator), assets to be included in the Will, Guardian for your minor children etc.

When can one make a Will according to the UAE law?

One person can make a Will contract as soon as he/she turns the age of 21 (Age of Majority in UAE). A Will is made legally enforceable by getting it notarized at a Notary Public Office.

For expats in the UAE with assets, having a Will is essential. UAE law applies to Wills made by foreigners for property disposal, potentially subjecting assets to Shariah Law. According to Article 17(5) of the UAE Civil Code, Wills created by foreigners for the purpose of disposing real property within the UAE are subject to the laws of the country.

What are the required documents to proceed with your Will Contract?

The requirements for preparing your Will is as follows:

  1. Testator UAE ID and Passport
  2. Wife and Kids Passport and Emirates ID copy
  3. Additional terms for the beneficiaries
  4. UAE ID and passport for the Trustee (one or more)

If you submit these requirements, we can prepare your Will contract and get it notarized. With our legal experts, your assets and legacy will be secured legally.

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