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How to Transfer DHA Licensing to MOH License?

With Fimkin, your professional career is always secure. We handle the entire process and prepare you for the examination and other procedures for the license.

The rapid development in the United Arab Emirates has attracted numerous workers and professionals from different parts of the world in the field of healthcare. In fact, the highest number of expats arriving in the country are medical professionals. But the fact is that, you need to be aware of every governmental and related authorities inside the country. There are different government bodies that takes care of healthcare systems of each emirate in the United Arab Emirates.

Understanding different departments: There are three major health professional licensing organization in UAE. They are DHA( Dubai Health Authority), MoH (Ministry of Health) and DoH (Department of Health- Abu Dhabi). The DHA is the governing body for healthcare in the Emirate of Dubai. This is the authority responsible for the licensing procedures for the medical professionals seeking a career in Dubai. Medical professionals in the five northern emirates namely Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah need to pass the MoH eligibility test in order to continue the licensing procedures for Ministry of Health. This is the regulatory body responsible for the regulations and functioning of healthcare sector in the five northern emirates.

Before license transfer from one licensing authority to the next was not possible. Medical professionals with one license from one department was unable to practice out of its jurisdiction inside the country. But when things became complex and migration of license was necessary, the three primary healthcare authorities namely DHA, DoH, MoH signed MOU, which states the unification of the licenses and this allowed to migrate the license among departments. This unification opened a way for the systemization of different areas of healthcare services in both public and private sectors.

How to convert DHA license to MoH?

The process of converting the DHA license to MoH license is quite twisty but straightforward. The major criteria is that you must have worked under the DHA license for at least six months prior to the migration or conversion. You should possess the valid eligibility letter from the DHA as well. As the first step, we need to submit necessary documents to the Ministry of Health. Then the next step is the fee payment for the conversion. The entire process will be completed within 5-8 working days. The applicant should note that the fee payment differs from one career profession to another.

The required documents to convert your license from DHA to MoH are:

  1. Old Dataflow or the PSV report
  2. Passport copy
  3. Emirates ID copy
  4. Visa Copy
  5. Photo of the applicant
  6. Educational document (minimum bachelor or equivalent)
  7. Transcript of records
  8. Internship proof
  9. All the valid experience certificates
  10. Valid Good Standing certificate
  11. Valid DHA license
  12. DHA Eligibility letter
  13. Two emails and Two Phone numbers of the applicant
  14. UAE Physical Address

In case, the department is requesting for additional documents, you will be notified accordingly.

The process of converting a license sounds easy but can be confusing. If you are not aware of the right steps or required documentation, always try to seek the help of experts in the industry. At Fimkin Business Group, we help healthcare professionals to attain their license as well as the conversion. With Fimkin, your professional career is always secure. We handle the entire process and prepare you for the examination and other procedures for the license.