Lessons at Home is Legalized UAE Educators to get new Work Permit to provide Private Tuition

Abu Dhabi: A new Private teacher work permit will allow educators in the UAE the ability to offer individual tuition outside of school hours. The Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) have introduced a new Private Teacher Work Permit, as an effort to enhance the education process and to pour more on to the education of the upcoming talents. This will regulate the provision of private lessons for students outside educational institutions and curb haphazard practices in the proposed sector.

“The Private teachers work permit aims to ensure the stability of the educational system and provide flexible options for students that meet their needs and aspiration, while maintaining discipline, quality and efficiency in the educational process” the true words of his excellency Dr. Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Mualla, undersecretary for academic affairs of the Ministry of Education was marked in the press meet after the announcement of private tutor’s work permit. The introduction of a permit for individuals qualified to provide private lessons will help curb illegal and unregulated practices when recruiting private teachers, which risk affecting the learning process as a whole, his excellency added.

What is the purpose of Private Tutor work permit?

This permit helps to protect and legalize UAE’s education standards. The ministry will never implement such a law without far vision. Since UAE is on fast pace, it requires upcoming knowledge base with stronger and on a legalized pattern. Now, in UAE many teachers and students are having private tuitions which are being taught illegally. As the new work permit is being introduced, everything has been legally approved and private lessons has been a scope for the upcoming teachers and students.

As UAE is home to many foreigners, many would be benefited through this new movement of the ministry. Students and parents would be tension free that their educational future is safeguarded.

Target Group

The new permit allows different groups of specialized and qualified professionals from the community to offer private teaching for students, individuals, and groups. It is open to all 15 and above age category.


Individuals who offer private lessons without a permit will be subject to fines and penalties outlined in the Federal Decree-Law and all other offenses stated in the laws of UAE.

How can you get the Permit? How Fimkin clears your path?

In order to avail the permit, the applicant needs to register themselves in the MoHRE and then obtain the permit. As the documentation in UAE is always tedious to applicants, they always relay on trustworthy sources. Fimkin, as usual, helps you to get your private tutor work permit without much hassle. All the paper-works and the process will be handled by our experts. For more details and to know more about the permit, you can reach out to us, and we are always there to help you..