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Let Us Know More About 'Dubai' : The Tourism Hub Of The Modern World

Dubai The Tourism Hub Of The Modern World

Are you also one among those individuals who are very much longing to visit the best touring sites in the world? Do you like international touring? Have you already chosen the places to which you are planning to go? Whatever be you answer to these questions, one thing is sure, that the city called ‘Dubai’ is one of the most visited tourist places in the world. Travellers love visiting and enjoying their time in Dubai. There might be various reasons why the people are preferring to visit and spend their leisure time in Dubai. But, whatever be the reasons, the number of tourists who visit this magnificent city is only increasing year after year. Let us now know more about this miraculous city.

Why Do They Choose Dubai?

Off curse, as you must have already known, Dubai has been a major tourism destination for tourists and visitors from every nook and corner of the world. As per the latest reports more than 85 million tourists from foreign countries have visited Dubai during the first half of the previous year. Meanwhile, the economy and tourism department stated that Dubai is rampaging towards being the world’s most visited tourist place. And also it is very much important to note that the tourism sector’s performance in the recent time is the best in its history. The booking rates at the hotels in Dubai was nearly 80%. More interesting fact about this is that, it is one of the highest booking rates in the world. The department authorities said that it shows forth the ability of the emirate’s to become the tourist centre of the world. Dubai’s growth at this level is something that can easily be described as miraculous. Therefore if you have an intention to visit Dubai, it will be of great entertainment for you.


Dubai is therefore accepted by almost all the tourists as a place to go. Anyone can observe people from all over the world setting Dubai as the first preference in their bucket list. It is also now considered as one of the best places for honeymoon. It is also because of the availability of 5-star accommodations, restaurants and amenities. There are a lot of world renowned tourist attractions spread across Dubai. It is actually making the sightseeing aspect of Dubai a prominent one.

Which are the attractive places to visit in Dubai?

As you might already know, the city of skyscrapers and shopping malls is a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. Dubai’s sunshine, adventure, shopping and family fun is always special. Dubai has an impressive infrastructure, the highest tower in the world and some of the most luxurious restaurants and hotels. There are very many attractive places to visit in Dubai. Let us have a glance into a few.


Burj Khalifa is an iconic place to visit in Dubai. Because it is the world’s tallest building. The building is a spectacular combination of architecture and engineering. And it is now one of the centres of attraction in the city of Dubai. It is surely adding to the beauty of Dubai.


Another must visit place in Dubai is the Palm Jumeirah, built on reclaimed land and resembling a series of artificial archipelagos. Therefore, this also becomes one of the best places to visit.

museum of Future:

Another important place for your knowledge is the Museum of the Future. It is one of the new tourist attractions in Dubai. It is also considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Therefore, it also becomes one of the must visit places in Dubai.

The Aquaventure Waterpark:

The Aquaventure Water park is also one of the must visit places in Dubai, especially when you go with you friends, kids and the family. It can entertain you a lot.


As we have reached the conclusion of our sharing of the informations about the miraculous city called ‘Dubai’, it is clearly understood that it is a place that is of the utmost importance, as far as every tourist is concerned. If you too are interested in visiting Dubai and need any legal assistance for submitting your documents, kindly be free to approach us in FIMKIN. Our team of experts are eagerly waiting to render their professional service to you.

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