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tax free shopping in UAE

Are you a person interested in international travel? Are you planning to visit UAE? Do you do shopping while your visit? If yes, you may kindly go through the below given informations. Because what we are going to see today is nothing but the tax free shopping in the UAE. Let us know well about this.

What Does it Mean by Tax Free Shopping?

Well, the United Arab Emirates has already introduced a value added tax of five percent in 2018. But the tourists can still enjoy tax free shopping across the country. Refunds for value added tax (VAT) are only available on goods purchased during your stay in the UAE that will be exported. Planet Payment is the only operator of the system, and most popular stores are registered with the scheme, making it easy to secure your refund on departure.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are not applicable on anything that has been consumed fully or partially in the United Arab Emirates, and also goods that are not accompanied by the tourist when leaving the country. And you must leave the country 90 days after making the purchase and getting your refund. This is how the refund policy works in the United Arab Emirates.

How Can You Shop Tax Free?

There are ways to do tax free shopping in the UAE. And let us know which are they.

On your visit to UAE, at the store you can request for a tax free purchase, which is valid on a minimum expenditure of AED 250. But you must provide a valid travel document to be scanned for use on the payment system. The shop assistant will capture your information using the Planet System. Then the shop assistant will place the tax free tag on the back of the sales receipt, and then a digital tax free form is created. But the important factor is that, as we have already discussed above, you must validate the transaction at the airport within 90 days of the purchase date.

Dubai Tax Free Shopping :

Dubai is a dream place for many of the tourists from across the globe. If you too are an international traveler or the one loves international travel, you must visit Dubai at least once. And when you visit this wonderful place one of the things that can fascinate you the most is nothing but the shopping over there. And it is true that most of the tourists are enjoying the shopping facilities in Dubai. And adding to the beauty, the tax free shopping attracts the tourists more than anything else. Let us now know more about the tax free Dubai:

Know More About the Tax Free Dubai:

Navigating the financial landscape of Dubai becomes importantly intriguing when exploring the concept of Tax Free Dubai. Tax free Dubai denotes a jurisdiction where individuals and corporations enjoy the absence of income tax, capital gains tax, and other direct taxes that are prevalent in many other parts of the world. While a standard VAT rate is applied to various goods and services globally, Dubai takes a distinctive approach. Many retail items in Dubai and the UAE are either exempt from VAT or subject to a minimal rate. This actually helps making them considerably more affordable.

Venturing Into Duty Free Dubai Shopping:

As you venture into the duty free Dubai shopping, particularly at the airports or designated shopping zones, you can take advantage of how much is tax free in Dubai. These areas offer a heaven for travelers looking to make purchases without the burden of additional taxes. Therefore the tax free shopping in Dubai can be an experience that is something like heavenly to the customers. While travelling to Dubai, this will be one of the most important benefits or advantages.


As we have already reached towards the conclusion of our sharing of the important informations regarding the tax free shopping in the UAE, what is important is that you must always be reminded of this fact and should make the best use of it while traveling to UAE. Because this is an advantage that you may enjoy nowhere else in the whole world.

If you have any further clarifications on the tax free shopping in the United Arab Emirates, kindly feel free to approach us in FIMKIN. Our team of experts are always ready and willing to help you out.

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