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Growing Opportunities: Health Professional License in GCC Countries- A case Study

 Amidst an ageing and expanding population and the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, the healthcare sector is fast emerging as a priority for Gulf Cooperation Council countries as the work to diversify their economics away from a reliance on oil production. Rising cost for treatment facilities, increasing diseases, lifestyle changes everything made a huge difference in the healthcare sector which resulted in countries concentrating more on health related services and professionals.

With governments continuing to pass new rules and reforms in the healthcare sector and introduce new regulations, the quality and efficiency of health services in the GCC countries made the council unbeatable in the healthcare sector. The current expenditure in the GCC is projected to reach 104.6 billion USD in the past year where previously it was around 76.1 billion USD late in 2017. According to some professional reports, the GCC countries are aiming to make a boom in the healthcare sector making all the countries friendly to healthcare professionals as well as service-seekers.

In addition to the expenditures in the growth and infrastructure, customer centricity will play a vital role in the evolution of the healthcare industry in GCC countries, with patient experience becoming a priority for both public and private players of the healthcare sector. Major developments in technology related to medical sector, an influx of medical tourists as well as changing patient needs are also emerging as major drivers for the burgeoning GCC healthcare landscape.

National Agenda for a World-class Healthcare System

Countries in the GCC have made an agenda, to improve the healthcare sector, its service and patient-friendly atmosphere. Especially in the countries like Oman and Saudi has involved themselves more on the healthcare sector. Oman’s Health Vision 2025 is a project which has been initiated in the 2017 and is about to be completed by 2050. Establishment of a well organized, equitable, efficient and responsive healthcare system is the main agenda behind this major project.

Likewise, UAE especially Abu Dhabi’s master plan to healthcare strategic plan has also been implemented and focused to workout by 2025. The country aims that, by 2025 the capital city will require an addition of over 1,200 acute care  beds, 1,789 doctors and 16,158 nurses. So, this has created more job opportunities and evaluation criteria has became more harder and complicated. This vision has reduced capacity gaps, improved the quality of care, and introduction to e-health.

Alike, Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries also came up with ideas and visions to improve the healthcare sector of the different regions. This has created a flow of healthcare professionals and service-seekers to the GCC countries.

Health Professionals Licensing in the GCC

In the GCC countries, professional licensing system has been implemented to the health professionals in order to increase the quality service and to be more specific in placing right professional at the right place. In UAE, there is a system of 3 licensing namely DHA, DOH and MOH. So, in each GCC countries, there are different licensing procedures and the eligibility criteria is also different in each departments. All this will system makes it more professional and the value of the services will also get increased. Even though the countries are facing shortage of healthcare professionals, the criteria for selecting the professionals and the eligibility requirements still exists the same. The various licensing services includes:

  • UAE Healthcare Professional License| DHADoHMoH
  • Qatar Healthcare Professional License| QCHP
  • Oman Healthcare Professional License| OMSB
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Healthcare Professional| SCFHS
  • Bahrain Healthcare Professional License| NHRA

Obtaining License for Health professionals in GCC countries

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