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Legal Protection for Your Brand: Know About the Intellectual Property Management in the UAE

Are you the one who really concerned about the intellectual property management in UAE? Are you also not sure about the legal protections available for your brand? If so let us go into that and be clarified.

What is the legal protection of a brand?

Brand protection is the process and set of actions that a right holder undertakes to prevent third parties from using its intellectual property without permission, as this may cause loss of revenue and, usually more importantly, destroys brand equity, reputation and trust. Therefore, it is something that you should know without fail that the kind of legal protection that the United Arab Emirates provide you is actually capable of protecting your brand. Let us view what are those.

How to guard your Trademark?

Yes! A trademark is one of the most valuable assets that you can own. In order to protect, guard and enforce the rights you have over your trademark, it is highly recommended that you register your trademark at the time of setting up your business in the UAE.

What is the trademark protection laws in UAE?

Trademark in the UAE are well protected by Federal Trademark Law No. 37 of 1992. The trademark law consists of a range of provisions outlining the procedural steps required to register a trademark and the penalties for breach.

What is the relevance of Trademark?

A trademark is one of the most valuable assets that you can own. Do you really wish to guard and enforce the right you have over your trademark? Then it is recommended to register your trademark at the time of setting up your business in the UAE. This will surely have your company to have a sustainable corporate name capable of building the goodwill of the business. If you own a brand, you must constantly be watchful and must defend against the infringement of registered trademarks in the region. So, you must understand that it is very important that you protect and safeguard your trademark.

Intellectual Property Management

Are you really interested about the intellectual property management in UAE? If you will be given the right information and instructions here. Intellectual property as we know is really critical aspects of modern economies. Because it fosters innovation, creativity and economic growth. As in the United Arab Emirates the chance of being a hub for business and innovation is more, the protection of intellectual property rights is actually of greatest importance.


Are you interested in knowing about the patents in UAE?

Actually, the patents play an important role in UAE. Because it protects the inventions. UAE has already set up a legal framework for their recognition and enforcement. So, if you are planning to take patent for your invention, you can be ready.

Who is responsible for granting patents?

The ‘UAE Patent Office’ is responsible for granting patents.

Eligibility Criteria for the Inventions:

To be eligible for protection, an invention must be novel, involve an inventive step, and be capable of industrial application. The patent protection period is typically 20 years from the filling date.

Copyrights in the UAE

Are you interested in this? If so, you must know that UAE provides sufficient copyright protection for the authors. Although, authors can automatically receive the copyright of their work, a registration is needed for additional legal benefits.

Trade Secrets in the UAE

The UAE Commercial Transactions Law and the UAE penal code contain provisions that can be invoked to protect against the unauthorized disclosure or use of trade secrets. The UAE is a country that has great commitment in protecting intellectual property rights.

So, if you’re really concerned about this, we would like to confirm that there is no doubt on the country’s intellectual property rights. As UAE is a country that continues to innovate and develop business and individuals must always remain vigilant in understanding and utilizing the legal mechanisms in place to safeguard their intellectual property.

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